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Alice was a situation comedy which aired on CBS TV from 1976-1985

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Based on the movie, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore which starred Ellen Burstyn (who won an Academy Award for her role of Alice), Alice focused on Alice Hyatt, a widow who, while on the way to Los Angeles to restart a singing career, has her car break down in Phoenix, Arizona, and she gets a job as a waitress at Mel's Diner.

Of the cast of the movie, only Vic Tayback reprised his role of diner owner, Mel Sharples. In the movie, he was a widower, while in the TV series, he was a middle-aged bachelor; also Diane Ladd, who played Flo in the movie, would later join the TV show playing new character, Belle Dupree. (Alfred Lutter, who played Tommy in the movie, reprised the role for the pilot only, with Philip McKeon playing the role of Tommy thereafter).

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